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Windows Servers

Microsoft have released many versions of its Server Operating Systems,

From NT 4 all the way to Server 2012 R2. Mac PC Repairs are here to help with all your server needs, from configuration issues, upgrades, or new installations.

Are you looking to run your own Mail Server? Mac PC Repairs can help with this too, From Microsoft Exchange to Kerio Mail Server.

With over 18 years looking after Microsoft systems we can help with :

These are just a few of the services Microsoft Servers offer and what Mac PC Repairs can help with.

Virus’s and Malware are the pain of any computer user.

Here at Mac PC Repairs we can offer many different solutions for your business or home needs.

We are a partner of ESET and Symantec which both offer great solutions.

Please feel free to check out the ESET information in the Systems Tabs above.

Windows Anti-Virus